What is XCO LATIN WORKOUT by Jackie

The XCO LATIN WORKOUT, mixes latin rhythms and and athletic movements using intelligent physic tools called XCO-TRAINER Studio Sets. The result: It is the most extraordinary, intense and dynamic workout in the market designed to work your entire body with special emphasis to your core and arms.

We want to you to train your full body on a different level and obtain results faster than with any other class in the market. Burn 33% more calories with this total body workout. Accept the challenge that only the XCO LATIN WORKOUT can offer, you will see how your body get leaner, stronger and more functional.

Who is Jackie?

Jackie is a certified personal trainer and group class instructor. Throughout her career she has trained celebrities in the artistic and political field and most importantly she is the proud mother of five children ranging from nine to twenty six years of age. Like many women she struggled with weight after having each baby and for this reason her great passion in life is helping women achieve permanent changes in their lifestyles through a discipline exercise program and motivation. Training with the X co-Trainers helped her lose weight and toned her muscles like never before specially in her arms, abs and back.

Jackie is the creator of the XCO LATIN WORKOUT and she is a Master Trainer for XCO-TRAINER and the most dynamic, explosive and passionate International presenter for the company.