The Training Tool

Patented because it's one of a kind -
successful because it's easy to use!

The XCO-TRAINER (or briefly XCO) is  a 26 cm long anodized, weather-resistant aluminum tube containing a highly specialized shale granular substance. It is held like a dumb-bell and used in dynamic exercises for the whole body. When activated by rhythmic swinging motions of the respective exercise, the oscillating mass of the XCO dynamically harnesses the power of the user's own momentum and unleashes a powerful counterbalance to the exercise it is being applied to, thereby greatly increasing the effectiveness of the activity. This is called the XCO EFFECT. This effect doesn’t only train muscles but also impacts the connective tissue (sinews, ligaments, joints) and accelerates its growth.


Do workouts like a top athlete

Whether football, basketball, handball, skiing or cross-country skiing – a lot of top athletes have worked with XCO for a long time. By now XCOs have arrived in general sports and  can be found in many leading fitness centers.

XCO® TRAINING is extremely effective whilst being joint-friendly.

In fact, training with XCOs is more demanding but also much more effective than conventional training. Energy consumptions by XCO WALKING and XCO RUNNING is up to 32% higher compared to “normal” walking. At the same time the oscillating mass absorbs better parts of kinetic energy. XCO TRAINING is effective AND joint-friendly!

Using XCOs is really simple and appropriate for everybody because the intensity of the exercise is individually controllable. The more powerful and dynamic the XCO is moved, the stronger is the impact. As the oscillating mass builds up momentum, the movement of the granules from one end of the XCO to the other can be felt and heard. This indicates to the user that it has been properly activated.

Advantages of XCO® TRAINING:

  • Whole-body training
  • Loosens hardenings- Ideal for fat burning
  • Tightens the body
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Suitable for group fitness and/or individual training
  • Recognized form of physical therapy
  • Trains body awareness
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Individually adjustable
  • Improves rhythm sense