XCO LATIN WORKOUT by Jackie - The Story

Until four years ago there was one approved group class modality educational workshop for XCO-TRAINERs Studio Sets called XCO SHAPE. XCO SHAPE is characterized by a low impact training class focus on the improvement or stabilization of the basics properties of motor function. Depending on the instructor's individual creativity and audience it could be modify for extreme power workouts as those you will find in a boot camp or a low impact class focus on core stability, body toning or spinal health exercise in conjunction with another company tool - FLEXI-BAR.

At the end of 2010 was introduced to XCO TRAINERs by Barbara Klein and Andreas Sasse during a fitness convention in Miami. Jackie a seasoned group class instructor and personal trainer with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry immediately envision the potential of this tool. She went on to get a master certification at the head office in Munich and upon her returned started teaching classes at her studio.

She started to apply her group fitness experience, Latin roots and creativity in devising new moves and a particular style for this training tool. Jackie's new modality had the basic fundamental training concepts and athletic movements of XCO SHAPE but incorporated a faster BPM, Latin rhythms and aerobics moves. This new upcoming modality was named XCO LATIN WORKOUT.

It was fours years later after continuous success in Puerto Rico, USA, presentations in Europe and developing a group class protocol that the company incorporated XCO LATIN WORKOUT by Jackie as an approved worldwide modality. This pioneer fitness trend is better summarized as the most dynamic, effective, intense and fun group class workout available in the market. We have developed a simple step by step group class training protocol that will provide you with guidelines to become a successful instructor. This pioneer fitness trend is better summarized as the most dynamic, effective, intense and fun group class workout available in the market.

In short is where Functional Training Meets FUN!